Dispenser Rolls

Cooking Foil ( Roll Type )

Material : Aluminium foil

Cautions for handling

  • When pickled plums, miso, soy sause, and other foods with a high acid or salt content are kept wrapped for a long time, corrosion or erosion may cause holes.
  • When used for wrapped baking etc.,the foil may melt when it comes into contact with an open flame, so that it should be used on a container etc.
  • Discoloration may occur in case of storage at a location with high moisture or at a place exposed to moisture.
  • Before using cooking foil in a microwave oven, check the instruction manual for the microwave oven being used.

Cooking Sheet ( Roll Type )

Material : Oil-resistant paper with silicone treatment on both sides

Cautions for handling

  • Never use the product with open flames or for more than 20 minutes at 250 , as it may bum.
  • n case of use in an oven toaster, the sheet may come into contact with the heat source and may burn or generate smoke, therefore you should read the instruction manual for the oven toaster and pay attention to the following items.
  • * Always use a top plate and do not let the sheet project beyond the top plate.
  • * Do not place a sheet on top of the food.
  • * Do not use cooking sheets for wrapped cooking..
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