Paper Container

Various shape, size, and color

Paper Container

Rim Style

Paper Container
Paper ContainerUsage example of heat-resistant paper cup

Material and specifications for paper container

  • Paper Cup
    Paper + PET
  • EC-Ware
    Paper + PBT or PP resin
  • Paper Container
    Paper + PBT or PP resin
  • EC-Cup
    Paper + PBT resin
  • Paper Muffin Cup
    Paper + PET resin
  • Ekco Thermo
    Paper + TPX resin

Type of material / In case of plastic lid

  • [PET]
    A-PET, special PET
  • [PS ]
  • [PP ]
    PP, PP filler
  • [PS/PP]
    Laminating PP film on PS base


Cup Processing
[Paper Cup] (Full curl)
Press Processing
[EC-Ware] (Full curl)
Press Processing
[Paper Container] (Full curl)
Press Processing
[EC Cup] (Full curl)
Paper Muffin Cup
Corner-Sticked Container
[Ekco Thermo]
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