Commitment to customer satisfaction

As a member of the Toyo Aluminium Group, we are committed to satisfying our customers by resolving their concerns while, at the same time, striving to be a manufacturer that comprehensively handles paper, aluminum and plastic products.

Commitment to creating a reliable brand trusted by consumers

We are continuously introducing market-defining products with full consideration of user convenience in order to create a brand that offers total

reliability to consumers.

Commitment to being a vigorous and aggressive organization

We are committed to satisfying our customers through vicariously experiencing their pleasure and emotion. We continuously strive to realize our dream by working aggressively to develop ourselves.

Toyo Aluminium Ekco Products Co., Ltd is a rising new corporation formed through the merger of Toyo Ekco Co., Ltd. and Toyo Aluminium Foil Products K.K. Both of these companies were members of the Toyo Aluminium Group and were well-known as leading operations in the aluminum container and household commodity markets, respectively.

We are striving to maximize the synergy of this merger by effectively utilizing all technology, development and planning capabilities while maintaining close cooperation with our parent company, Toyo Aluminium K.K. We are also striving to create products that respond to market changes and the diversification of consumer needs in order to ensure customer satisfaction. We believe this approach will help us to make a great leap forward.

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