Toyo Aluminium Ekco Products Co., Ltd. obtained ISO 14001 certification QA-EM3029 on March 7, 2003.


We are committed to promoting harmony with the environment through our activities in both business and daily life as a good corporate citizen in pursuit of global environmental preservation and a prosperous life for all people.

Environmental Policy

  • Commitment to providing products that are eco-friendly in every phase from planning, development and material procurement through to disposal.
  • Commitment to preventing environmental pollution in controlling the production activities of our and our subcontractors’ plants so that the impact on the surrounding environment is acceptable.
  • Commitment to performing our business activities in such a manner that resource saving, energy saving, waste separation and waste recycling are promoted.
  • Commitment to setting, performing and assessing tasks targeting the environment as well as periodically reviewing the continuation of the effective performance of the environmental management system while grasping changes in business activities and products from an environmental perspective.
  • Commitment to abiding by environment-related laws and fulfilling undertakings agreed with other organizations, as well as setting and implementing our own criteria.
  • Commitment to providing a written environmental policy and familiarizing our employees with it, as well as making it public.
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