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Clean Kichen

For Cooking

Cooking foil

Cooking foil

Verious cooking foils for more deliciousness

Various size and versatility

*wide 25m
*wide 50m
*Wide : For Business-Use 30 cm wide

Antibacterial Cooking Foil

As the material itself is antibacterial, increase of bacteria prevented on the both sides of foil.

Extra Thick

It is easy to use it strongly.
Cooking foil

Functional foil

Paper foil, Foil for baking without oil, Black foil for wrapping and cooking foods delicious, Black foil for sweet potatoes

Cooking sheet

Far-infrared cooking sheet, Cooking sheet

Tray for cooking

Black tray for toasting rice cake

For preservation

Cooking foil

Sheet for foods preservation

Delicious sheet for 1L and 1.8L rice cookers

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