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Toyo Aluminium Ekco Products Co.,Ltd.(TEP) strives to contribute to society by satisfying everyone’s hope for more convenience, more sophistication, more deliciousness and better health. In every consumer field, we are providing more amenities for living, and we are aggressively tackling protection of the global environment.



You will find us at the following trade fair in the coming months:

8th Oct. - 12th Oct. 2011, Anuga, D-Cologne Hall 7.1, Stand: B111a [ LINK ]

Household Products


Enjoy convenience of our unique daily-use articles in the kitchen, on a picnic, and many more.

Business-Use Products

Toyo Aluminium Ekco Products Co.,Ltd.(TEP) eagerly hope that we contribute our society to produce 'more comfortable life' through our goods which can reach markets more convenient,more beautiful,and more delicious products which are developed having fully market focus in various life scenes.

TEP has produced and sold food packaging made from mainly aluminum foil,paper,and plastic during more than 40 years.In the sense of product types we offer the categories,container,cup,and dispenser roll.

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